It is law in the state of Victoria that no passenger railway, outside of the city, should terminate at another, connecting passenger railway (satire). In fact, it is a twisting of the law, merging the Werribee and Altona lines, that allows the Altona loop shuttle to terminate at Laverton Station, but Metro Trains compensate this irregularity by ensuring a train to Werribee departs just before a train from Altona arrives, but I wander into field of shouting gunzels.

The Regional Rail Link, the separation of V/Line and Metro services between Southern Cross and Sunshine and a new railway from Ravenhall to Werribee forming the new Geelong line, promises to comply with this law. The new railway, which will do great things for city to city travel, will run just north of Werribee and join the existing line less than eight kilometres west of where the existing Werribee line terminates and which the current Geelong line services. When the new railway opens, passengers from Newport, Werribee and the metro stops at Laverton, Williams Landing and Hoppers Crossing, will lose their train service to Geelong.

Werribee-Wyndham Vale

The original design of the new railway included extending the Werribee line to the new Wyndham Vale Station, which would allow the old and new lines to connect, but the new Baillieu Government, having seen the breach of state law that such a connection would make, cut the Werribee line extension from the project. Provisions have been left to allow the line to be extended without altering the new infrastructure if the law should ever be changed, but for now passengers on the Werribee line are promised a train and bus and another train for their trip to Geelong.

Other examples of short-termination:






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Route 86 Tram

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