Leadership tensions did not come to end after the failed Labor leadership spill in March, instead the speculation and media obsession grew stronger as the polls for Labor continued to fall. At the end of June the push to return Kevin Rudd had grown to the point where Rudd felt he had the numbers to lead a successful challenge against the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and so he did just that.

Rudd’s camp collected signatures from caucus members to petition the Prime Minister to call a spill. This petition has not been released to the public, but as it happened, Julia Gillard, speaking to Sky News, called the spill for 19:00 AEST without ever seeing it.

I have compiled the day’s statements and press conferences. Anything that I have not uploaded myself will be accompanied with a link to the source. I have not included Julia Gillard’s interview with Sky News.

Gary Gray walk and talk. Who is he anyway?

Kevin Rudd says he will challenge.

Bill Shorten announces support for Kevin Rudd.

Chris Hayes, Returning Officer.

Outgoing PM, Julia Gillard, statement.

Outgoing Deputy PM, Wayne Swan, statement.

PM-elect, Kevin Rudd, statement.

Deputy PM-elect, Anthony Albanese, statement (via NewsOnABC).